The folks at Pebble have come forward with another update and this time around they kicked things off with some talk of numbers. Specifically, it was said the total including Kickstarter now accounts for 275,000 Pebble smartwatches. Taking the Kickstarter group out of that total and that leaves 190,000 pre-orders. And to throw in an even larger number, Pebble users have downloaded more than 1 million watch apps.

Pebble has also said that since January they have shipped more than 93,000 watches to customers in more than 150 countries. This is being done with a team that now consists of 29 members. And this talk of numbers comes as the Pebble has recently made its way into Best Buy. There was some clarification given here and it was said the retailer “only received a fraction of our June manufacturing production volume.”

Best Buy is currently only selling the Pebble in black, though additional colors are expected to come available in the future. The other reasoning behind the Best Buy launch was said to be in an effort to help reduce the stress on the Pebble shipping system and also to build interest and support with a major retailer.

The other bit of news that came with this Pebble update was our favorite part — you can now buy a spare charging cable. The cables are being sold by way of the GetPebble website and priced at $10. That price includes worldwide shipping and at the moment it looks like there is a waiting list to buy a cable.

Following up on the recent Pebble for Android 1.9.1 update and we are happy to say things seem to have stabilized and returned to normal. Basically, it just appears as if the 1.9.0 update had some issues. The nice part here is how quickly the Pebble team responded and pushed the fix.

SOURCE: Pebble


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