Rumors surfaced yesterday about the Pebble smartwatch coming to Best Buy and it looks like they have since been confirmed. We have yet to see any official announcement from either Best Buy or Pebble, however a coming soon style listing has recently appeared on the retailers website.

Basically, the Pebble is not yet available with Best Buy but it does appear as if that will soon be changing. At the moment Best Buy has the Pebble listed in red and with a price point of $149.99. This is a bit more than the Kickstarter backers paid for their watch, however it is not an unexpected price point. In fact, those looking to pre-order direct from Pebble will be paying $150.


The Best Buy website simply has the Pebble showing as coming soon. A call to Best Buy didn’t offer much else in terms of details. The Best Buy we called did say the watch was coming but they also made it clear the Pebble was not on shelves just yet and were not able to provide a release date.

The other bit worth mentioning here includes the color options. Or in this case the lack of color options. At this time Best Buy only has the Pebble listed in red. We would however expect more colors once the availability actually begins. Looking back to those earlier rumors and a possible availability date could be July 7th.

While the smartwatch is just as easy to purchase direct from the Pebble website, we suppose the Best Buy availability would be nice if for no other reason than it would allow you to actually see it in person. You know, just in case you were worried that it may not actually fit your wrist. We also shared our thoughts on the Pebble a while back after wearing it for a few weeks. And just to give an update on that, we can say our Pebble is still being worn daily.


[Update] The folks at Pebble have since confirmed the Best Buy availability. The Jet Black Pebble is available online as of today and will be in retail stores on Sunday July 7th. The price will be $149.99 and the watch has been given a new package (seen above) for retail. Furthermore, in addition to the black, the Cherry Red Pebble will be available with Best Buy in August.

VIA: Mark Gurman

SOURCE: Best Buy