The folks at Pebble have recently rolled-out another update for Android users. This latest has arrived as version 1.9.1 and it appears to have been a fix for the previous (v1.9.0) update that arrived a short time back. Pebble for Android v1.9.1 addresses issues that deal with the app looking to guide you through the setup screen multiple times.

This is where things came to light with the v1.9.0 update. That update added a new introduction and setup screen. Basically, that update was intended to make the Pebble setup and pairing process simpler. It removed the need to go to the device Bluetooth settings and had the entire pairing process from within the app.

Anyway, many were seeing the getting started page over and over despite their Pebble already having been connected. This v1.9.1 update added another option to take care of that. Those who are seeing this issue will now be able to check an option to always skip that process. Our Galaxy S III was one that was seeing that getting started screen pop-up time and time again (despite the Pebble icon showing in the notification tray as being connected).

An update of the app and a check of the box to skip that moving forward seems to have addressed the issue. With that in mind, we may advise some to hold off on this latest update if things are working smoothly. You see, while this v1.9.1 update was done to address the v1.9.0 update — many users are still voicing issues on the Get Pebble forums and on the Play Store listing for the app.

Otherwise, prior to these two updates, the most recent version had been 1.8.2 which added the Google Hangouts notification. Bottom line here, the 1.9.1 update seems better than the 1.9.0 update, however we are sort off missing the way things had been with 1.8.2 — worry free in terms of having the Pebble stay connected (and re-connect) to the phone.

SOURCE: Get Pebble, Google Play Store