Android Wear may have stolen much of the smartwatch attention this week, however we aren’t quite certain anyone should be forgetting about Pebble just yet. The company announced a few new games during GDC, and perhaps a bit more interesting for those who had been considering a Pebble Steel — you now have another, slightly less expensive purchase option available.

Pebble Steel remains available in two colors; black and stainless. Originally the Pebble Steel was priced at $249 and included a leather band as well as a metal band. Well, now you can get a Pebble Steel for $229. This new price option has the watch shipping with only a leather band.

While the price drop is nice (for those who do not want the metal band), we do have to wonder if this was done to compete, or because of some other reason. At the present time the Pebble Steel with leather band for $229 is available (but backordered). On the other hand, the Pebble Steel for $249 with both bands is currently listed as unavailable.

Either way, a less expensive Pebble Steel option is available, and regardless, these are still showing a 6-8 week timeframe for shipment. Looking back to the GDC announcement, that included Mr. Runner from Zing Games, Icon Pop Quiz from Alegrium and Hatchi from Portable Pixels. And perhaps more exciting for Android users — Pebble 2.0 with the appstore arrived and now thanks to a few quick follow-up updates — things seem stable once again.