There have been games available for the Pebble smartwatch. In fact, for better or worse, one called Tiny Bird (a Flappy Bird clone) recently attracted quite a bit of attention. But with that in mind, the folks at Pebble are taking part of the GDC fun and have introduced three new games.

The new additions to the Pebble game lineup include Mr. Runner from Zing Games, Icon Pop Quiz from Alegrium and Hatchi from Portable Pixels. For those not as familiar with gaming on the Pebble — keep in mind these are simple games, ones that are described as being mini and casual. The names of these three games sort of hint at what they are.

Mr. Runner is an endless runner, Icon Pop Quiz is a quiz game, and Hatchi is described as being a “Tamagachi like game.” Regardless of the game you choose — they can all be found in the Pebble appstore. You would need to launch the Pebble app on your phone, visit the “Get Apps” section from the left hand navigation menu and then click on the “Games” category icon.

The games are installed just like any other Pebble app, and users have the option to search as well as visit the Recently Updated and Most Loved sections. At present, the top ten Pebble games are Tiny Bird, MiniDungeon, Pebtris, Ledge Climber, Chess, Falldown, Orbtime, Pebloid, Blackjack, and Ask the Helix Fossil.

SOURCE: Pebble