Did Samsung just confirm the Pay Mini and the Bixby? That seems like it since the information was sighted on an official Samsung Pay website. Check out the beta page for the new Samsung Pay and see for yourself. On the page is a Samsung Galaxy flagship phone that asks for a fingerprint authentication. At the bottom part is a drop down menu that only shows three options: Shopping, Mini, and Bixby.

A blue Sign in button takes you to a Samsung Account page where you can login and manage your member subscription. We’re not sure about the Shopping option but since it has something to do with Samsung Pay, it is probably where you can access your account to finally make a purchase or finish a transaction.

The Mini obviously refers to the Samsung Pay Mini we’ve been hearing about. We’re looking forward to that Mini Pay app or at least a new section on the current Samsung Pay app once the update is released and ready.

As for the Bixby, it’s obviously the South Korean tech giant’s AI assistant that we’ve been discussing about. We said it might be pre-installed on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and may work with native apps.

VIA: Galaxy Club