So it looks like Paranoid Android is now regular for the time being, and only time will tell if this will be the case moving forward. We really hope it is, because Paranoid Android – or AOSPA to those who really like them – is one of the better custom ROMs for Android devices out there.

After a long hiatus, it looks like Paranoid Android is finally back. They released their update to Nougat in May, and have already updated twice in June. These updates are mainly bug fixes from feedback given to them by their users. But it seems like they are listening to their users, and they’re squashing bugs left and right with these new updates.

For the officially supported devices, version 7.2.1 is already live. If you’re already on Paranoid Android, this will arrive for you as an OTA update. The update contains fixes for high priority bugs, including tethering issues, launcher layout issues, and a number of sensor related issues. More details if you click on the source link below.

With this new update, AOSPA is also officially adding support to two Sony device – namely the Xperia X (suzu) and the Xperia X Compact (kugo). You can vote for more Sony devices being supported officially via the source link.

SOURCE: +ParanoidAndroidCorner