The smartphone business has such a long history. It’s quite impossible to trace what really happened in the past couple of decades because a lot has transpired. We can say the mobile industry started with the help of BlackBerry as a pioneer. There’s also the Palm device which we remember used a stylus. It’s one of the first touch devices before touchscreen phones entered the picture. We also remember webOS as one of the first mobile platforms. We’ve forgotten about it as our last related feature was over two years ago.

Interestingly, there have been reports that a new Palm phone will be released next year. Alcatel was once rumored to be resurrecting Palm for new markets. This time around, TCL is said to be the manufacturer which makes sense since TCL makes Alcatel phones. We can’t say the new Palm will be Alcatel-branded but the two companies are related.

If you may remember, Palm has been jumping from one company to another. The brand was once purchased by HP who then sold webOS to LG. LG still uses the webOS in smart TVs. As for the Palm brand, it was officially acquired by TCL.

Could Palm be given a new lease on life? That’s what some people are saying. A new Palm phone could be unveiled but it might not use the Palm OS. Honestly, we have no doubt that TCL can deliver a new Palm phone because it was able to come up with a new BlackBerry phone. TCL’s Marketing Manager Stefan Streit mentioned that Palm devices may be announced next year. We have no idea what device exactly but we’re assuming a smartphone will be part of the plan.

VIA: SlashGear