As promised by Pete Lau, the long-anticipated always-on-feature will be coming to OxygenOS 11 on top of the Android 11 OS. In a new blog post on the OnePlus forums, Pete has made the air clear about the final Android 11 developer preview and the subsequent open beta. To be precise, the developer preview is coming August 10 for the geeky lot out there, to identify the major bugs and any issues with stability.

OnePlus is one of the first OEMs to bring the Android 11 beta to its devices. The final developer preview takes them one step closer to the wider adopted open beta which gives normal users the opportunity to try it out. The open beta will be much stable and can be used with OP devices used as daily drivers.

Pete also said in the forums post that they’ve been listening to the users and will bring the most anticipated features to the software. He reassured with the promise of the same “super smooth performance, clean UI, lightweight and a ton of customizations”. The plethora of customizations will allow the user to tailor the OxygenOS according to individual preferences.

Android 11 is slated to release next month and OnePlus will roll out the final stable build to the current flagship 8 series, then Nord and thereafter the OnePlus 7 series. If the OnePlus 6 series also gets the OS update it won’t be surprising.