It looks like the OUYA game console will be following the model we often see with mobile phones. That is to say, it looks like they have plans to release a new console each year. The details are coming out of the DICE 2013 conference where CEO Julie Uhrman said that their strategy will be “very much similar to the mobile strategy.”

For those who need a bit more, Uhrman went on to say that they will be releasing a new OUYA every year and that we can look forward to seeing an OUYA 2 and an OUYA 3. A bit nicer than simply having a new console each year, further comments from the CEO mentioned about how they will be taking advantage of “faster, better processors” as well as falling prices. She didn’t offer any specifics in terms of a processor, however given the current generation OUYA has a Tegra 3, just maybe we will see a future model powered by a Tegra 4.

The improvements in future generation OUYA consoles could also mean additional storage space. A key point here will be to retain support for older models as new consoles are introduced. This appears to be something that was considered as Uhrman noted that “all the games will be backward compatible.” Basically, this means those who are waiting on the original OUYA will not have to worry. And honestly, with the OUYA not even released and already hearing talk of future models — we realize some may have been a bit concerned.

Otherwise, as we have been expecting, those who backed the OUYA game console on Kickstarter can expect the console to be delivered in March. Moving forward, those who pre-ordered direct from OUYA will likely see a delivery in April and then the retail availability is expected to begin in June. Finally, those who are waiting on a console to arrive or those who are still considering a purchase — make sure to check out our OUYA Starter Guide which details the apps and gear you will need on day one.

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