The OUYA game console is going to soon be available in retail stores. The consoles are expected to land with several retailers including some brick-and-mortar and some on the web. The list of stores looks to include Gamestop, Best Buy and Target as well as Amazon. The OUYA should be available with these retailers beginning in June, and pre-orders are already available with several of them.

The price of the OUYA console will be $99.99, which is what we are seeing with the currently available pre-orders direct from OUYA. The extra controllers on the other hand look to be a bit pricier. Current OUYA controller pre-orders are available for $30, however retail availability is expected to be $50. To follow up on a previous report, those who are looking to pre-order direct from OUYA at this point have missed the April delivery timeframe and so far we have yet to see another update in terms of shipping.

In addition to placing a pre-order with OUYA, you can also do so with Amazon, Best Buy and Target. We have yet to see release dates from all the retailers, however Target has the OUYA console listed with a release date of June 4. Aside from already having talked quite a bit about the OUYA due to the Kickstarter and pre-order availability — the console is expected to officially be unveiled in March.

Taking that a step further and we have the Kickstarter backers set to receive their consoles in March with OUYA pre-orders coming in April and an official launch in June when the retail availability begins. The retail availability information came by way of the Wall Street Journal who recently interviewed CEO Julie Uhrman. During that interview Uhrman noted that they currently have more than 68,000 consoles on order and are expecting to have games from every genre and perhaps more important — games from publishers that you know.