If you are still considering the purchase of an OUYA game console, you may want to make that purchase sooner rather than later. Or more specifically, make that purchase before Monday, February 4, 2013. The details are coming by way of a recent status update from OUYA and note that if you don’t place your order before then — you will not have your console in April.

The company has yet to say how much longer you will have to wait, however it looks like the first batch of pre-order consoles is close to selling out. So far they have said they are “nearly out of OUYA consoles for delivery in April 2013” and will announce additional availability at “a later date.”

The pre-orders are currently selling (as they had been) for $99. An additional controller will set you back an extra $30. Basically, those looking for both can expect to pay $129. On top of that is shipping — $10 in the US and $20 to go international. While there is still some uncertainty as to the amount of game titles that will be available, things are looking pretty good.

A few days back we got word that the OUYA Game Jam resulted in 166 prototypes. Of course, this comes in addition to the titles that have already been announced. Finally, just to clarify, this April shipping time applies to those who are pre-ordering the console from the OUYA website. Those who backed on Kickstarter can still expect their console to arrive in March.

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