We know the OUYA game console began shipping out to the Kickstarter backers as of yesterday, however we are now seeing some additional details. These are details in terms of the shipping process as well as the upcoming retail launch date. The folks at OUYA have also given an updated status in terms of the amount of available games and left things with a promise that these shipments are “only the beginning.”

In fact, the OUYA team has dubbed this an “exclusive preview period” and promised that in the lead up to the June 4 retail availability — users would be seeing goodies to include refinements to the user interface as well as new features. One point worth mentioning, these Kickstarter shipments are going out over time. In other words, just because you were a Kickstarter backer, that does not necessarily mean your OUYA console is ready to ship just yet. The shipping process is expected to last “several weeks.”

Some good news for those with a console on the way as there should be plenty to keep you busy. As of this time there are just over a 100 available games including Final Fantasy III, Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight, Knightmare Tower and Save the Puppies. Alternatively, for those looking to a bit more aside from gaming, we have already seen the OUYA serving as a media center thanks to XBMC.

Otherwise, it looks like those plugging in a console for the first time should expect a software update to be waiting. The OUYA team hasn’t detailed the update, however they did mention that moving forward, they hope these updates will be done in the background. Finally, as for games, you will have to put a credit/debit card on file for purchases, however all games are still free to try.

[via OUYA]