We recently learned about how the OUYA game console was planning to take the mobile approach in terms of future console releases, and well, it appears as if game approvals will also be taking a similar path. The details are again coming from OUYA CEO Jane Uhrman who recently commented about the process. She didn’t go into specifics, however she did offer a quick summary as well let everyone know that the process will be kicking off later this month.

Basically, game developers will be able to submit their apps for approval by the OUYA team fairly soon. Uhrman has yet to give a specific date and at this time has left it as coming somewhere in the middle to the end of February. Simply put, if you are working on a game for OUYA, you may want to start getting things ready for the approval process. Speaking of, Urhman also spoke about how that will work.

She once again noted the mobile market, stating that the game approval process will be “similar to mobile” and that developers will submit games and they will be reviewing for “intellectual property infringement, and malware, and excessive pornography.” Perhaps the key portion here, the process is described as being a “quick review” which means you shouldn’t have all that long to wait between submission and entry into the storefront.

All things considered, it appears as if the OUYA console has been doing well, not only back in the Kickstarter days, but also since. They managed to raise way over the initial funding goals — initially looking for $950,000 and managing to secure more than $8.5 million. Looking forward, they also made some recent announcements about retail availability. At this time the console is available for pre-order with several retailers including Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Retail availability is expected for June.

Finally, if you are waiting on a pre-order to arrive or still considering placing a pre-order and are looking for a bit more detail and information — make sure to check out our OUYA Starter Guide which breaks down which apps and gear you will want to have from day one.

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