Those OUYA Dev Consoles began shipping last week. And in addition to the consoles shipping, the developer SDK was also released. We were given a brief look at the console last week. If you remember back, that look came courtesy of the folks at OUYA who unboxed the unit and gave everyone a look at those translucent consoles.

Moving past that first look and we are now seeing some developer made videos surfacing online. For example, we have a trio of videos coming from the folks at CodeZombieGames. The videos include an in-depth look at the pieces included in the box, an overview of the hookup process and an overview of the interface. Beginning first with what is included in the box. We saw some of this in the video from OUYA, however this one goes a bit further into detail, such as with the controller. For example, the controller is said to be light and easy to hold but that the plastic is “kind of in the middle” in terms of quality. Other points about the controller include how one battery slides in on each side and that the touchpad works “fairly well” but seems to be better for browsing as opposed to gaming.

Next video up was the hookup process. This is the shortest of the three videos coming in at just over 2 minutes in length. But on that note, the shorter video probably just means that there is little to discuss. Simply put, the OUYA console appears rather easy to set-up. You have the power and HDMI. Additionally, you also have the Wi-Fi or Ethernet, depending on the connectivity you choose to use. This video also shows the OUYA as it begins to turn on, which appears to be rather bright.

Moving over to the third of three videos and we have the longest — just over 17 minutes. The boot up process appears to be on the slower side, and also shows the note that this is a developer preview that is “not ready for gamers.” In other words, while this is an interesting video to watch, there will likely be some things that will be changing. The overall UI appears to be decent and easy enough to navigate — almost Windows Phone like. All said and done, these videos may just end up serving as a teaser for many considering the regular Kickstarter and pre-ordered units are not expected to begin arriving for a few more months — until March 2013.

[via SlashGear]



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