The highly anticipated open-source game console OUYA developer kits are shipping sooner than expected, and today we’ve learned some lucky developers could be receiving theirs as soon as tomorrow. According to our good pals at SlashGear instead of the developer consoles shipping tomorrow, they’ve already sent many out and they’ll be arriving all weekend long.

OUYA originally stated tomorrow, December 28th, they’d start shipping kits to developers who pre-ordered. Now however according to the OUYA forums some are actually receiving their units tomorrow, and all who pre-ordered will have their own Tegra 3 powered OUYA in hand before January 10th. What a perfect way to start the weekend and enter into 2013. Right?

OUYA was one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of 2012, with more than 8.5 million in funding from excited backers. For those lucky developers that have one coming soon I’m sure all the early backers are eagerly awaiting their unit to arrive tomorrow, Saturday, or sometime early next week.

The official OUYA developer SDK is expected to be released tomorrow, which will be right on time for those who receive their console tomorrow as well. We are expecting tons of high profile games for the Android-powered Tegra 3 quad-core gaming console. Final Fantasy III will be launched, and earlier this month we detailed 10 new games coming soon. Expect some goodness from the OUYA, and let us know when yours arrives!


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