Earlier in the week we saw the news about how CyanogenMod was becoming Cyanogen Inc. And at that time there was talk of everything from a CyanogenMod installer that was heading to the Play Store to a hardware partner. Well, while speculation has thrown around a few names, it looks like OPPO will be the first.

The details have yet to be announced, however as we have been seeing with OPPO, they have recently dropped another teaser for the N1 smartphone. That handset will be announced on September 23rd at an event in China and it looks like the folks at Cyanogen Inc will be on-hand. Yes, this latest OPPO N1 teaser is a short talk from Steve Kondik.

As with all teasers, this one is light on the specifics. It arrives at just 19 seconds in length and offers “OPPO + CyanogenMod = ?” as the description. As for what Steve Kondik had to say, well, he said he was looking forward to attending the OPPO event in Beijing and that they have “exciting news ahead.”

From there the video cuts to another teaser about how “possibilities unfold” on September 23rd. Unfortunately not much in the way of specifics. This does bring some interesting questions though. After all, there was a time when OPPO was asking about a Google Edition handset.

While this is simple speculation at this point, it does look like this could be the path OPPO is taking towards releasing a Nexus-like or Google Edition-like handset. On the bright side, the announcement is just a few days away at this point. That means we will learn about how OPPO and Cyanogen are getting together as well as the specs for the N1.

Otherwise, the folks at OPPO have only confirmed the N1 would feature a 5.9-inch display. The rumors have been pointing towards the N1 arriving with a 3500 mAh battery and a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera with Xenon flash.