OPPO has already confirmed the display size for the N1 smartphone. That confirmation came back in early September and has the display sitting at 5.9-inches. There isn’t any question that is on the large size in terms of smartphones, however sometimes a hands-on image can really drive that point home.

Sadly we aren’t looking at a completed OPPO N1, but even the panel piece that has appeared in this latest leaked image is enough to show the overall size. And just to make the comparison seem a bit more familiar, the OPPO N1 will arrive with a display that is larger than the Galaxy Note 3 at 5.7-inches. Of course, we have yet to see confirmation in terms of the display resolution of the N1.

Rumors have suggested the display will be 1080p. Other still rumored specs for the OPPO N1 include a 12 megapixel rear-facing camera with Xenon flash. Basically, the details are still on the lighter side. While we do need the official word from OPPO, we can say that these specs do seem to be lining up with some of the earlier teasers.


At the time OPPO confirmed the display size they also dropped the teaser line about how the N1 would be a “large screen smartphone with an amazing camera.” Keeping with this latest leaked image and we also saw a few additional details of the handset. The source that leaked this image also shared details of the battery and more.

It is looking like the N1 will arrive with a 3500 mAh battery and have support for fast charge, which will allow you to charge the device in 2 hours time. There was also mention of the back mounted touch-panel, though we had already seen details on that coming direct from OPPO. All said and done, we are now waiting till September 23rd which is the day OPPO will put these rumors to rest.

VIA: G for Games