OPPO has recently shared the latest teaser for the N1 smartphone. This arrives as trailer #3 and measures in at just 28 seconds in length. This video fits firmly into the teaser category and while it does leave us wanting to see a bit more — we do have to remember the official announcement will be coming fairly soon. In fact, OPPO has already said they will be unveiling the N1 smartphone on September 23rd.

In the meantime, we have these teaser videos. Anyway, this video is trailer three and judging from the countdown on the OPPO website it would appear as if there will be more videos to follow. As previously mentioned, this video lives up to the teaser name and doesn’t offer much in the way of firm details. Instead what we are seeing seems to be a look at the manufacturing process.

If nothing else, OPPO does appear to be pushing the N1 rather hard. Or at the very least, they appear to be pushing the N1 quite a bit more as compared to what we saw with the Find 5. Time will tell what that means in terms of device sales once the handset is available, however there does appear to be some pre-launch interest.

Looking back to some of the earlier details revealed by OPPO and we find talk of the display and back of the phone. OPPO has been going with the tagline of how the N1 will be a “large screen smartphone with an amazing camera.” They have yet to confirm any details in terms of the camera, however the display will be 5.9-inches in size. The other bit was the rear touch panel which while we have yet to see many specifics, OPPO has been saying the N1 will bring a “brand new user experience.”

VIA: phoneArena