OPPO MagVOOC Charging

OPPO, like it’s sister company, OnePlus, doesn’t settle. It has introduced a number of innovations and technologies the past few months alone. Just last week, we learned about a new under-screen camera technology, RGBW sensor, five-axis OIS technology, and a Continuous Optical Zoom. The OPPO Watch 2 was also recently announced. We’re expecting a new OPPO gaming phone may be introduced in the near future. We also remember that OPPO’s RAM+ expansion technology that may be coming to Reno5 series phones.

Realme recently announced the MagDart system. There is the wireless charger and even the Realme Flash with MagDart Wallet. As expected, OPPO is following with the MagVOOC.

The is a new magnetic system that will include two chargers. The first pair of products include a 40W and a 20W charger. There is also a power bank so expect other related accessories to follow. They will be different from the products introduced by Realme in many ways.

OPPO’s version will be a charging stand that can give off 40W to compatible devices. The OPPO Ace 2’s 4000mAh battery can reach 100% in less than an hour with the stand. Other phone models may also work but with only 30W. Those with Qi may also work but with only up to 15W.

OPPO is also releasing a 20W MagVOOC charger. It’s a slim and portable charger that offers Qi charging support (10W). The MagVOOC power bank offers 4,500 mAh that can be shared to other devices at 20W and will work with Qi standard. This means other smaller accessories may be charged.

There is also the Oppo Air Charging technology. It can transfer power up to 7.5W to a smartphone even if when in use at a distance. MagVOOC products will be ready soon in the market. There is no timeline pro pricing range provided but we’re crossing our fingers they will be ready soon at lower prices.



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