OPPO Find N Launch

OPPO has been teasing the mobile industry. A new foldable phone is expected to be introduced in the coming days with interesting features. Some details have been confirmed including that retractable camera and the foldable design. This will be the first foldable smartphone offering by the Chinese OEM. It could probably rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Huawei Mate X, or the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. OPPO’s first foldable flagship smartphone will be the OPPO Find N. We’ll confirm soon if it’s the OPPO PEACOCK foldable phone.

The OPPO Find N is aimed to deliver an easy and innovative experience. The company has been working on prototypes. It has focused its R&D efforts to the foldable phone game and has produced six generations of prototypes.

Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO and Chief Product Officer at OPPO, shared the good news. This development gives us an idea that OnePlus may also release a similar device in the future. But for now, we’ll focus our energy on the OPPO Find N.

The OPPO Find N is expected to offer high quality mobile photography, high refresh rates, ultra fast 5G connectivity, and fast charging technology among others. This foldable phone is a result of several years of development and testing. The first prototype was made back in April 2018 and soon, we’ll get to see a “beautiful and pleasant” device that feels good in the hand.

The OPPO Find N foldable phone is also “useful and easy to use” whether the screen is closed or unfolded. The OPPO designers have improved on the foldable display technology by tackling the crease in the display. Overall durability is promised with the best hinge and display.

OPPO will officially launch the OPPO Find N on December 15. The OPPO INNO Day is fast approaching so let us wait and see.


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