Are we just focused on the OnePlus 3 or is the company really that quick in releasing updates? It’s almost everyday that the Chinese OEMs shares news and information on its forums. It was only yesterday that it announced the pricing structure change for the OnePlus 3, as well as, the OxygenOS 3.2.0 update that has since been pulled out. Today, we’ve got news or at leat confirmation that the OnePlus X mid-range line is out of stock.

Someone asked if there’s no more OnePlus X because he wanted to buy one in Europe. Obviously, he failed and was clueless that the series had been discontinued. Another one affirmed that phone is out of stock all over the country and was told by a OnePlus employee that they are done with the ‘X’ handset.

We knew this would happen especially since the OnePlus 3 was launched. The Chinese company has bigger plans to focus on flagships. It’s not strange at all and contrary to what other forum members are saying. OnePlus just wants to focus on the flagship line, lifestyle products, and after-sales services. The company also wants to further develop Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS so its using its resources on this area and not on a mid-range phone that we’re not even sure is bringing in the dough.