OnePlus TV

OnePlus never settles. Aside from its smartphones, the Chinese OEM also sells OnePlus TVs. Earbuds are also available. In the near future, OnePlus may be selling its televisions in Europe. This is perhaps because the brand is also gaining popularity in the region. It has joined the smart home game back in 2019. There’s a few in the product lineup with the last set rolling out in July last year together with the OnePlus Nord. New models may be introduced in the coming months and may probably expand in more markets.

OnePlus executive Pete Lau confirmed the OnePlus TVs will be available in the European market. No word on pricing and timeline yet. With this new move, OnePlus will directly rival Xiaomi. The latter has also recently entered the market.

On the subject of foldable phones, we know OnePlus will not enter the foldable smartphone game yet. It’s not ready. For now, it may be best if OnePlus focuses on phones and smart TVs. It has already entered the mid-range phone category recently but it hasn’t proven anything yet.

OnePlus is a valuable name but it still needs to do a lot of things. We know it produces premium quality Android phones but not as premium as those from the top phonemakers. The partnership with Hasselblad is already a big step though. Let’s wait and see how the next OnePlus phones or OnePlus TVs will be different or better.