OnePlus CEO Pete Lau No Foldable Phone Yet

OnePlus may have its ‘Never Settle’ motto but when it comes to the foldable phone game, it might “settle” for a while and wait until the technology is more stable. In a recent interview with Verge, CEO Peta Lau shared that he does not think the foldable tech is ready yet. There is an advantage definitely but it is “outweighed by the shortcomings or the disadvantages of the current state of the technology”. Simply put, the benefits are weighed down by the present situation—that is, foldable technology isn’t fully ready.

We can’t say we disagree but that’s normal for any new tech or innovation. It takes them before a new technology becomes perfect. Actually, it will never reach perfection but at least, a proper working state with fewer problems.

OnePlus introduced the OnePlus Concept One McLaren Edition last week. There’s also the new OnePlus 120Hz Fluid Display which is expected to be implemented on the next-gen OnePlus 8 flagship series.

When it comes to foldable phones, OnePlus may not venture into this category yet. The Chinese OEM did look into the idea of foldable phones but it found no significant advantage yet. Even if there is, there are more disadvantages over advantages, at least, for now.

Lau said he may consider the foldable phone idea once the foldable or flexible screens reach a state where there is no obvious crease. He wants the screen to be crisp and not affected by the fold. That may be possible someday but maybe not yet.