OnePlus TV Teaser Launch

Never Settle. Again and again. OnePlus is living up to its motto by coming up with a new product line. Almost a year ago, we heard of the possibility of a OnePlus TV that can be more connected and smarter with AI. The OnePlus TV project is almost over. We just have to wait for the market launch. The smart TV is said to officially launch next month in India. The country will be the first market for OnePlus since it’s one of the brand’s biggest markets.

Homes in India will soon be filled with OnePlus TV. That is, if the OnePlus smart TV proves to be worth its price. We somehow have an idea as the OnePlus Android TV was recently sighted on Bluetooth SIG. And last week, it was confirmed for an official release.

OnePlus TV in India is designed with more content in mind. Expect more improvements and addition to whatever contents are ready. It will also come to China, Europe, and North America. The excellent OnePlus TV experience will extend to the TV as another premium offering.

The OnePlus TV series is expected to offer top audio and image quality. The TV’s design is said to remarkable but we have no idea in what way. It offers smart interconnectivity, making the OnePlus TV a “smarter” TV.

We can look forward to the daily smart social hub. OnePlus willy only continue to explore other technologies and services that may be used on its next products. Details are scarce but the image teaser shows us about half of the Xiaomi Mi PT Pro.


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