We’re not exactly fans of OnePlus but we’re interested to know how the company performs in the mobile market. It’s been claiming sales are doing well although we don’t know exactly the figures and other milestones the smartphones have supposedly reached aside from that two million units of OnePlus 2 pre-ordered within a week after launch. It seems doing okay because the OnePlus One still have a follow-up, the OnePlus 2. There’s also the OnePlus X which is also available in other variants.

Anyway, when it comes to customer service and satisfaction, OnePlus has been notorious for being so confident and straight-forward. Remember that time when we reported that OnePlus was mad about the early OnePlus 2 criticisms? It wasn’t April Fool’s but the team was quick to post a note about how it feels about the early rumors. That was very honest of them actually but was deemed a turn off by some people.

When it comes to after-sales service, OnePlus hopes to be in good terms with the people. One way of doing that is to extend extra effort for the consumers. The startup is starting to improve on people skills and customer service. We already know about its efforts in North America, India, and Europe. In India, spare parts are being offered for easy and quick repairs. Parts for the OnePlus X, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus One are available with a $4 starting price or Rs. 260 in India.

OnePlus is determined to get on the good graces of the customers by providing service they deserve, avoiding over charging, and just simply being accessible through the toll-free helpline. Check out the price list on Amazon.


SOURCE: Amazon



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