It must be a good time to be OnePlus right now, the China-based upstart now feeling the support of a public convinced that they’re going to be able to do the same trick with the OnePlus 2 what they did with its predecessor, heck maybe even do it better. That support comes in the shape of over 2 million reservations for the new flagship in the span of one week. Pretty nice, eh?

If industry pundits were doubting if people were going to go for the OnePlus 2, we’d say over 2 million consumers who want it probably proves that initially, the OnePlus 2 is on its way there. There were a lot of doubts as to whether OnePlus’s second phone will sell – what with the familiar invite system making it quite difficult to get your hands on one. But the invite system already reported over 1 million requests in just 72 hours of being open. Guess we should have expected this.


Heck, even the lack of NFC – one of those things that some people were sure would scare people away – did not stop over 2 million consumers from still wanting the OnePlus 2. It was surely a risk that OnePlus had to sacrifice NFC to keep the pricing down, but as of now, it doesn’t seem to be any trouble at all.

The pricing is still great, and that’s why people still want the OnePlus 2. Keeping the price below USD$400 was key. What consumers get for that amount of money is a great phone which is able to perform with – or if not, better – than the popular flagships out in the market today. At the very least, OnePlus can say that over 2 million consumers think this is a great deal. How about you?

SOURCE: @oneplus