So when OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 3T just five months after launching the OnePlus 3, naturally the people were asking what would happen to the latter. Well, this is one way to confirm that the OnePlus 3T will be the official flagship moving forward – OnePlus just announced that it will not be selling the OnePlus 3 in the US and European markets.

OnePlus has officially gone on record saying that they will no longer be selling the OnePlus 3 in the US and in Europe. This is in favor of the OnePlus 3T, the upgraded new phone which will sell for around USD$40 more, but will carry solid upgrades in the processor, camera, and storage elements. Despite earlier reports that said the China-based company will be restocking the OP3 soon, it looks like that is not going to be happening anymore.


Naturally, owners of the OP3 will be curious as to the update policy of OnePlus regarding the older flagship. If you own an OP3, you would be pleased to hear that the company will stand by its commitment to update the phone to Nougat – with a Nougat-based OxygenOS community build slated to roll out in a few weeks’ time.

The OnePlus 3T will be rolling out with Marshmallow, although we assume it will be updated to Nougat soon. OnePlus 3 owners should be happy to know that they would probably be getting updated to Nougat earlier than the OnePlus 3T.

SOURCE: Android Authority, XDA