OnePlus Alpha ROM

OnePlus may be having some issues in India but it’s not stopping the young Chinese phone manufacturer to work on new projects. We knew that it was working on a new ROM and OnePlus forum members were even asked to name it via a contest a couple of weeks ago. OnePlus is finally launching its own custom ROM although it’s not the final version yet. According to the company, the early build doesn’t have any extras aside from the AOSP Lollipop stock features.

OnePlus is building upon the base and will improve on that and do some customizations before the official release of the ROM. The company wants to keep it as simple as possible but is still customizable for any user. Living up with the “Never Settle” tagline, OnePlus certainly wants to give the best for the consumers.

Instructions for installation have been provided by OnePlus. If you’re interested about the new ROM, you can install it yourself but make sure you follow each and every step carefully–at your own risk. Remember that this is just the alpha build so don’t expect too much. Developers at OnePlus says TWRP recovery must be installed on your device first. Highly recommended is to have Google Mobile Services installed as well. The alpha build doesn’t have a built-in recovery feature so you may have to reflash TWRP onto your device according to OnePlus.

Here are the steps on how to install:

1.) Download Copy file to your smartphone. Place the file inside the TWRP folder if you have it installed. If you’re using a Mac, feel free to use Android File Transfer.

2.) Boot into TWRP recovery. Hold the the power and and volume down buttons at the same time on your OnePlus One phone.

3.) Wipe and do a factory reset in the recovery interface. This will clean your data, cache, and Dalvik. Don’t forget to back up your files.

4.) Go to install and find the zip after the wipe. Confirm flash to show the ROM.

5.) Clear cache. Install GApps if you have it then reboot smartphone.

6.) See the new ROM and start using it.

(View complete instructions HERE)