What’s in a box? OnePlus! It’s the new OnePlus 6 but no, we’re not privvy to those things yet. Only those lucky fans were able to see and get their hands on the new OnePlus flagship. The OnePlus 6 First Look was recorded at the Open Ears Forum for OxygenOS in San Francisco, California. This means the smartphone is almost ready. It has reached the United States from China. We believe units are already being tested and being shown off to a few groups before the official launch.

Watch this video below and see the reactions of the early reviewers:

We’re not showing you the OnePlus 6 simply because the units being handled are pixelated but we’re curious how beautiful this phone will look and feel specially after all the wows, oohs, and aahs.

Based on the video, the OnePlus 6 will feature a glass back (with 5-layer Nanotech coating). It’s surprisingly not slippery and looks better than an iPhone X. The phone is also described as very sexy, crazy, elegant, and freakishly fast. The phone’s texture feels smooth.

One fan said the <BLEEP> doesn’t bug him. It’s not big and not in your face. We’re assuming it’s the notch he’s referring to. So will this phone pump up OnePlus to another level in the market? That’s what another fan said. Let’s wait and see. Who’s excited?




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