So all it took was one leak that started it all, and now OnePlus can’t seem to stop the gushing flood of leaks coming out about its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 3. We have new images of the prototype, and by our reckoning the build quality seems to be getting better from the first leak up to this point. This time, we’re treated to the features around the sides and bottom of the purported new flagship killer.


The OnePlus 3 looks to be made out of metal, and some of us think they may have gotten cues from the HTC 10. The front shows the shiny protective glass screen, plus what is probably a fingerprint sensor on the home button. These new images actually give us a view of the bottom of the phone, where a USB Type-C port resides.


Apart from that, there is still no clarity on the other specs. Rumors talk of at least a 5-inch screen or bigger, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and as much as 6GB RAM. What’s new is that some people are saying OnePlus might actually bring back NFC capability, which they skipped on the OnePlus 2.

This is looking good. We’re excited about when this would become official. Would you consider the OnePlus 3 as your upgrade this year?