It will still be a while until we see the next flagship killer from China-based company OnePlus – possibly the OnePlus 3 unless they radically change the naming convention – so there is a dearth of information regarding the upcoming smartphone. These new images are being touted as one of the first few images of the OnePlus 3 prototype, and really, they’re not much to look at.

The images below are not definitive, and the build quality is not that good. This could be because the OnePlus 3 is still far from being in final development, or this could be because the images are fake. So take this with the requisite amount of salt. See the images below.


Points against it are these – seemingly non-swappable backcovers, and no sandstone, which will be a bummer because we love that sandstone texture. The camera module is not much to look at, and the design looks nothing of the past OnePlus smartphones. However, front image, with the fingerprint sensor probably still on the home button, looks like a carry-over from the OnePlus 2.


As we said, there is very little for us to go on with these images. Let’s wait a while for better images to come leaking out from the OnePlus factories.