There was a leak a few days ago about the upcoming OnePlus 3 smartphone, but there wasn’t anything definitive, due to a tacky back cover and no images of the software running. Today we may have a confirmation that the said phone was indeed a OnePlus prototype, although we still hesitate to say for sure that it is the OnePlus 3.


These fresh new images might be of the same type as the earlier leak, the back portion will confirm that the camera modules look alike. This time though, we have some snaps of the startup logo which indeed confirms it is a OnePlus phone, and the software running seemingly running the phone – which seems to be of the Oxygen OS type, the Android variant proprietary to OnePlus. See the images below.

We will notice though, that the build quality of the phone is still not so good, making us think that this is an early prototype. We do have the general shape of the device, and presumably a home button design that may house the fingerprint sensor. Rumors say there might be two variants – one with 4GB and one with 6GB RAM – of the OnePlus 3. We still can’t say for sure.


The new phone is purportedly launching in June, which is a month away. So stay tuned for all the OnePlus rumors here, watch this space.