OmniVision Technologies has always been known for its advanced digital imaging solutions. We know its image sensors can be found in Google’s Project Tango while its 8MP selfie cam sensor is now ready for smartphones. At the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, the company announced its latest big-pixel sensor known as the OV13870 PureCel Plus-S image sensor.

This image sensor is a 13MP unit that boasts of 1080p HD video recording at 240 fps for slow motion. The sensor will benefit those high-end mobile apps that require a better PDAF and dual-cam functionality. It’s interesting to note that instead of adding more megapixels, there’s a demand now to go for bigger pixels.

There also seems to be a new trend of dual aperture cameras and technology to deliver better image quality all the time and this sensor will definitely bring the much needed change.

The OmniVision OV13870 takes advantage of the 1.25-micron PureCel Plus-S pixel architecture to bring excellent pixel performance even in low light conditions. The sensor is also slim in form at only 5.2mm in height while optical format is 1/2.6‑inch. We can expect this model will be better than the previous 13MP image sensors when full production starts next quarter.

The OmniVision OV13870 13MP PureCel(R)Plus-S sensor is capable of capturing the following:
• 13MP still photos at 45 FPS
• ultra-high resolution 4K2K video at 60 FPS
• 1080p full high definition at 240 FPS
• 720p HD at 300 FPS

SOURCE: OmniVision