Love them, loathe them, or get annoyed by them, but we have to accept that selfie cams, or technically, front-facing cams, are now one of the selling points of smartphones. As long as there are people who love taking selfies of themselves or even duofies or groupies (yes, they’re a thing), then marketers would target their efforts at this market. Omnivision, developer of digital imaging solutions, is now offering OEMs the chance to make their front-facing cameras even better with an 8MP sensor.

The OV8856 may not have a sexy name, but its 1/4-inch 8‑megapixel PureCel® sensor, if applied to smartphones may very well give you the best-looking selfies you can take (user notwithstanding). While there are smartphones that do have 8MP front-facing cams as well as main cameras, they say that this one uses the 1.12-micron pixel architecture to improve performance and bring “industry-leading image quality”. Plus, it has the compact form factor going for it.

The advantage of this sensor is that it uses OmniVision’s PureCel® pixel architecture so that your 8MP images have full resolution and your videos have 30fps while the 1080p videos have 60fps. It also uses a high-speed four-lane MIPI interface so that the result is not compressed images or videos. And since it is 15% smaller than the previous generation image sensor, it is now considered one of the smallest in the market and can be fitted into a 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm fixed focus module.

Omnivision is also introducing the OV8855, a variation of the OV8856 that can bring faster and more accurate focusing for your camera. Both sensors are already available for sampling. Production is expected to start by 4th quarter of 2015.

SOURCE: Omnivision