The Android world is definitely not lacking in custom ROMs but a few, like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, and AOKP, have risen to become the more popular ones. One new contender, OmniROM, is slowly but surely building up its army by adding six more smartphones to its list of supported devices.

OmniROM was conceived primarily as a reaction to a change of direction that took place within CyanogenMod. With the core team incorporating itself into Cyanogen, Inc., many in the ROM community felt the need to have an even more community-driven endeavor. Thus, OmniROM was born and was led by popular Android developers such as Super Su’s Chainfire, TWRP’s Dees_Troy, and Focal’s XplodedWild.

Last week, OmniROM announced the start of nightly builds based on Android 4.4 KitKat. Those builds covered a good number of devices already, including the Nexus 4, 5, and all version of the Nexus 7, the OPPO Find 5, Samsung Galaxy S, S II, S III, Note, and Note II, among others. Now the team is revealing new builds for more devices. Joining the ranks is the OPPO N1, which, somewhat ironically, runs CyanogenMod, the Sony Xperia T, Z, and ZL, as well as the HTC One, both the international version and the model from AT&T.

All in all, this brings the total number of supported devices, both current and in the very near future, to 20. That is still a considerably low number, especially if the ROM wants to step into CyanogenMod’s shoes. But given the same amount of community participation that catapulted CyanogenMod to the top, OmniROM might still manage to reach its goal.

SOURCE: OmniROM (1), (2)
VIA: Android Police


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