If you’re one of the lucky 70,000 descending upon Lucas Oil Stadium this weekend for the biggest football game in the world (no, international readers, soccer doesn’t count) you might want to spend some time to download the official Super Bowl XlVI Guide app. This navigation and locale app helps visiting pigskin fans navigate the¬†Indianapolis¬†metro area and find all the events leading up to the big game. The app itself is free, which is surely good news for anyone who took out a second mortgage to actually attend the Super Bowl.

The main feature of the Super Bowl XLVI app is a 3D navigation map of the stadium and the surrounding area, helping fans to navigate to parking, find their seat and get back to the hotel afterwards. Also included are nearby restaurants and bars, as well as the time and location of the various official events surrounding the game. The NFL Huddle feature lets you take a peek at the social media buzz, though why you’d want to I cant’s imagine, since anyone interested is either attending in person or watching live.

The app isn’t much good to the hundreds of millions of football fans watching at home, but then, they’ve got other things to occupy their attention. In the incredibly unlikely event that you can’t find a TV tuned to the right channel, Verizon is allowing free viewing of the Super Bowl through their exclusive NFL Mobile app. Samsung fans will want to pay close attention to the important part of the broadcast (the commercials) since the company is planning a big-budget debut of the AT&T Galaxy Note LTE, possibly wrapping up their current anti-Apple campaign.

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