Spotify is the extremely popular and award winning digital music service millions of Europeans use every day, and tomorrow morning Spotify is announcing it will be available for the U.S finally. We heard it was coming and they have a great Android app to go along with it, but this is official news and I am excited. My co-workers in Europe love spotify and use it daily.

Luckily for me, I’ve been using it for the past few days and can say that so far I love it. Being able to access hundreds of thousands of songs in a matter of seconds, and have them stream literally instantly right over my Android phone or PC is awesome. We are still waiting for more details and they will most likely emerge tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM ET when Spotify officially announces its entry to the States. From what we do know it will be available by invitation and subscription.

Spotify is a new way to listen to and manage your music, discover new tracks and share songs and playlists with friends – music whenever you want it, wherever you are.

As soon as we get more details we will be sure to include them all for you. The app is currently available on Android but not for the U.S. so searching for it brings zero results for the moment. We can expect them to launch the Android app along with the service tomorrow morning so we are excited to see this take off. The desktop client is smooth, stable and works great. Being able to tag songs and add entire albums to my playlist, then listen to them in the car via my Android phone has been a blast the past few days.

For our last look at the Spotify Android app check out this story, we go over the new features last time it was updated. Stay tuned to Android Community because we will be posting a full review of the current service for Android as soon as we can tomorrow.


  1. $9.99 is too expensive for Music Streaming. It’s too bad that the 10 hours of free access doesn’t carry over to my mobile as well. 
    I guess I stick with my grandfathered $3 Grooveshark Premium account. 


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