Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming service in Europe. It lets users stream any of their millions of songs on demand, through desktop and mobile apps. The same hold ups with record companies that delayed Google’s Music Beta have also been keeping Spotify out of the States, but it looks like its finally on coming across the pond.

Streaming music is obviously a pretty big deal, with giants like Amazon, Google, and even Best Buy trying to get in on the game. Spotify however is more akin to Pandora, offering music purely for streaming (rather than storing your own a la Music Beta by Google). The difference between Pandora and Spotify is that the latter lets you choose what song to listen to.

So what does this all have to do with our beloved Android? Well no music streaming service is complete without an Android app of course, and Spotify is no exception. Soon you’ll be able to listen to whatever song you want (sponsored by visual and audio ads) on your Android phone or tablet.

Streaming is really cool, but with capped data spreading, (PSA: Verizon’s moving over to capped data starting tomorrow) will services like Spotify be able to take off? I for one have seen my data usage creep higher each month recently, and Android users are among the heaviest data users. What do those of you with capped data plans think? Will you be able to spare the data usage for the awesomeness of Spotify? If so, head to their site here and request an invite.