Yes, yes, we’re all wrapped up in speculation on when and in what fashion the Samsung Galaxy S III will arrive. It’s all we talk about around the Android Community watercooler. But for the millions of Android enthusiasts who own the current generation, the software update to Ice Cream Sandwich is infinitely more relevant. Beta versions have been leaking out of Samsung for weeks, but now there’s some hope that an official Galaxy S II update will be coming soon. Eldar Murtazin, editor of Russian tech site mobile-review, posted on Twitter that the update would begin rolling out on March 1st.

Now hold your horses, Galaxy S II owners: this one falls squarely into the “rumors” category. Mr. Murtazin has a pretty good record as far as leaks go, but he’s also been known to be taken in – for example, he’s the one that posted that incredibly obvious fake Samsung phone last week. That being said, his tweet implies that updates for the international Galaxy S II model will begin on March 1st in some (not all) countries, with an over-the-air or Kies update option. Murtazin did not offer sources.

An ICS update sooner rather than later is plausible: the latest Samsung ICS beta to leak was deemed ready for daily use by most Android modders, and the company has been working on it for months. An March 1st update would also give Samsung some good news to announce at Mobile World Congress, where they’ve already stated that they won’t be having a press conference or any major hardware debuts. Keep in mind that an update to the international version would not apply to most American users: here in the US, we have to wait for Samsung to incorporate the changes demanded by each mobile carrier and for them to approve the over-the-air update.

[via SlashGear]