Details of the second-generation NVIDIA SHIELD were spotted in a benchmark report back in April. More recently though, it seems the handheld has also been discovered in an FCC filing. The filing is for a game controller sporting a model number of P2570 and the included sketches show what appears to be a SHIELD game system.

Similar to what we saw with the specs from the earlier benchmark report — it would appear the second-generation SHIELD will be more subtle changes and improvements rather than a radical design change. You’ll notice from the included sketch that the handheld looks largely the same. We can hope the handheld slims down just a bit in terms of weight, but overall the form factor makes for a comfortable experience.

Looking back to the benchmark report — that included mention of the following specs; 2.5GHz Tegra K1 processor with 4GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce (Kepler) graphics. The report also listed the system as having 16GB of internal storage, a VGA quality front-facing camera, 1440 x 810 display resolution and Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat.

Time will tell how accurate these leaked specs and FCC sketches will be, but for now it looks like the NVIDIA SHIELD 2 will arrive as a nice follow up to the original (and currently available) SHIELD. Of course, with fairly quick updates (the original has gotten plenty) and new games such as Portal and Half-Life 2 having arrived — the original is certainly not going to be obsolete anytime soon.

VIA: Engadget



  1. Lol more like the nVIDIA Shield TV (Gen 1), than either the Shield Portable 2, which has to date never owned out… Well not counting the newer Nentendo Switch that is.


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