The latest update has arrived for the NVIDIA SHIELD. This one is listed as being SHIELD Software Update 72 and it will measure in at a bit more than 460MB in size. Specifically, at 464.4MB. More important though is what the update is bringing. This time around users can expect quite a bit dealing with GameStream to include remote streaming and notebook support.

The update will also bump your handheld to Kit Kat with quite a few other notable goodies being included. After the update has been installed, your SHIELD will be sitting with Android 4.4.2. Other highlights here include keyboard and mouse support for Console Mode, improvements to the Gamepad Mapper and a new TegraZone.

The remaining items in the changelog include multi-PC pairing, 1080p Console Mode battery charging and GameStream quality controls. Those with a shield should look for the update notification in the upper left hand corner. Assuming the notification is there — it is just a matter of following the prompts. Otherwise, SHIELD users can look manually by heading to Settings -> About SHIELD -> System updates -> Check now to try and get the process started.

While a rather complete update all around this time, we suspect the key for many will be the Remote GameStream. We do have to remember this is still noted as being a beta feature. But otherwise, this means SHIELD users will be able to stream their PC games while out and about. This also includes support for wake on LAN and remote login.

Those preparing to download the update may want to also hit our earlier post, which offered a full breakdown of what can be expected.

SOURCE: GeForce Forums