There’s been a new development in the Samsung-Nvidia saga. According to a U.S. trade judge, the chipset maker infringed a number of Samsung’s patents. This battle has been going on since last year when Nvidia filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Qualcomm and Samsung.

Samsung responded by wanting to block NVIDIA chips off from the US to which the latter countered again in another lawsuit. It seems like a never-ending fight but last October, the US ITC cleared Samsung and said it did not infringe on NVIDIA’s patents. Another good news for the South Korean electronics giant as one judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission said three patents were violated.

The findings have yet to be reviewed once again by the agency. If proven, sales by Nvidia may be blocked in the country. Licensing discussions between the two have failed miserably, apparently.

The judge noted that no rights of Nvidia were violated. Of course, Nvidia disagrees and so it wants to make another appeal. The chipset company hopes to get royalties on its products but sadly, competitors are only copying their ideas, or so they say. That’s one claim that some people won’t believe. On the other hand, Nvidia is facing a lawsuit slapped by Samsung in Richmond, Virginia of which has a scheduled trial in January.

We’re wondering how this battle will end because it’s been more than a year. Let’s just wait and see how this case turns out.

VIA: Bloomberg