Nvidia Samsung-Qualcomm

Samsung and Apple slapping each other with lawsuits isn’t the only big legal matter to watch out for in the tech industry. Samsung has gotten a new enemy in NVIDIA. Last September, NVIDIA filed patent lawsuit infringements agains the South Korean electronics giant and Qualcomm. That was the first time NVIDIA filed a lawsuit on any company after being in the business for 21 years.

Recently, NVIDIA responded to Samsung’s counter lawsuit last November 4 saying that the chip maker did “false advertising” of the SHIELD tablet. According to Samsung, NVIDIA described the Tegra K1 processor as the fastest in the world when in fact, Samsung’s Exynos 5433 processor is faster. Clearly, the two companies are bent on fighting against each other.

Over the weekend, Samsung made a move again by filing yet another complaint to block NVIDIA computer-graphics chips from the US. Samsung filed the lawsuit at the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington but no copy was made public yet.

Blocking imports of the newest Galaxy tablets and phones that run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon GPUs and Samsung Exynos processors was NVIDIA’s legal request. Samsung replied with another patent-infringement suit in Richmond, Virginia. Actually, it was more of eight patents against NVIDIA more evident on the SHIELD tablet.

These companies are denying each other’s claims and complaints. NVIDIA even described the lawsuit as “a predictable tactic” by Samsung. The company is ready to file any action against Samsung according to Hector Marinez, Nvidia spokeman, “We have not seen the complaint so can’t comment, but we look forward to pursuing our earlier filed ITC action against Samsung products.”

Aside from NVIDIA, Samsung also included other computer-parts manufacturers like Elitegroup Computer Systems Co. and Biostar Microtech International Corp. Looks like the South Korean company is serious with fighting whoever gets in the way. Let’s see how this case turns out.

VIA: Bloomberg