Nova Launcher is one of the more popular launchers out there for Android devices, and they have a beta channel that tests out new features. Today, they announced that Nova Launcher Beta will be incorporating the Pixel 2-style search bar, which is uniquely placed under the icons instead of above it in the original Pixel.

If you are part of Nova Launcher’s beta testers, get ready for this new feature. The Google Pixel 2 recently launched and put out a new Pixel launcher for the world to see upon its launch. Notable in the launcher was the new placement of the iconic Google search bar, now way below the icons. Nova Launcher is testing it out now.

Apart from the customizable search bar, the new update to Nova Launcher Beta will also bring the Android 8.1 style popup menus and new adaptive icon animations for when you are moving icons. Apart from these highlight features, the update also contains a lot of optimizations under the hood.

If you want to check out the Nova Launcher Beta specifically, you need to opt-in to beta testing Nova Launcher before you can start using the beta app. Check out the source link below for more info.

SOURCE: +KevinBarry