nova launcher

Nova Launcher updated with Material Design style

TeslaCoil Software's Nova Launcher was recently updated to include full Material Design elements. The version is not officially available on Google Play Store yet but it should be arriving anytime soon. Kevin Barry of the software development team just announced on his Google+ page the good news plus a list of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes. The app also now includes more animations, new Nova Action icons, plus some changes on the Google Search bar design.

Action Launcher 3.0 is coming as a paid upgrade

Action Launcher was a relatively popular launcher, especially for multitaskers. Of course, Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher were the big kids on the block, but with Action Launcher you had a feeling that it was actually trying to make using your device that much easier. Developer Chris Lacy has recently announced that the upcoming Action Launcher 3.0 will not be launched as a separate app, but as a paid upgrade for version 2.0.

Nova Launcher adapts Lollipop design in latest update

Even before the official announcement of Android Lollipop (actually, even before we knew it was a lollipop), we expected to see most of the apps adapt its Material Design and several other features before its official launch in the next few weeks. One such app that has done this is Nova Launcher in its latest update. Some loyal users consider this the best launcher app yet, and they will be happy to know that the update brings with it several Lollipop-esque features they can already enjoy.
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