Disappointment ahead if you’ve been holding out for an Android based tablet using NVIDIA’s second-generation Tegra chipset.  According to some well-placed sources, NVIDIA are experiencing “serious issues” with Tegra 2, both in terms of hardware and software stability, and as a result tablets such as the Notion Ink Adam and ICD’s Ultra and Vega will be delayed.

The exact issues being encountered are unknown, but it’s apparently enough to push back availability to late August 2010.  The first Tegra 2 tablet – a 7-inch model by Compal – was previously expected in early June.

The ICD tablets now won’t arrive until October 2010, while the Notion Ink Adam has apparently been pushed back by two months.  NVIDIA are yet to make any official comment on the leaks; we’ll update if we hear back from them.

[via SlashGear]