Nothing Ear (1) earbuds

Nothing is really all set to enter the market. The brand was officially introduced by Carl Pei in the beginning of the year. That’s a few months after he left OnePlus. Nothing Technologies also now owns the Essential brand so Pei may be using some of the technologies and ideas Essential had. We have also learned Nothing’s product design principles that we hope to see in the upcoming products. First in line is the Nothing Ear (1). The pair of wireless earbuds has been leaked ahead of launch.

Just like OnePlus, Nothing is also generous when it comes to sharing details of new products. Nothing has been teasing the new wireless earbuds. It was already mentioned to feature ANC and will be coming soon at a fair price. The official launch next month was said to happen in June but it didn’t.

The earbuds are said to be sold for only $99. DropX will be selling the earbuds. StockX will be auctioning off the first 100 pairs of Ear (1) earbuds. They will be limited edition engraved. The latest we have are specs of the charging case.

The image above is only of the charging case. It is a 570mAh charging case that can offer a maximum of 24 hours of battery life. That’s already with the Active Noise Cancellation enabled. When turned off, battery can last up to 24 hours so that’s impressive.

Charging for ten minutes is enough give the Nothing Ear (1) buds extra six hours of battery life with ANC on AND eight hours off. The charging case will also offer wireless charging. We’ll know everything for sure about this new thing from Nothing on July 27.