It looks like people are generally excited for Nokia to get back into the smartphone market, and with Android, the company has a ready-made platform to use for devices it might want to launch. And when benchmark leaks of a supposed Nokia D1C device came out, people automatically assumed it would be a smartphone. Further leaks now show it might be a tablet, so the wait for a Nokia smartphone continues.

Meanwhile, the Nokia D1C device was recently seen at GFXBench, and the biggest reveal was of a 13.8-inch display which points to the D1C being a tablet. Not a particularly robust spec list as well – a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 powering the huge (but only) FHD display, 3GB RAM and a competent 16MP/8MP camera combo.


For all the excitement, this looks like a midrange tablet with a large-ish screen, with the focus being on a great cameras and multimedia playback. The D1C also packs maybe as much as 32GB internal storage and SIM card/network data capabilities. Interestingly, it will be running Android 7.0 Nougat.


So, no smartphone yet, but maybe a midrange tablet to start it all off for Nokia. “Baby steps” is what they say, and maybe that is what this is – a nice solid device to start it all off. Hopefully Nokia has more where this came from.

VIA: NokiaPowerUser


  1. wouldn’t dream of buying a tablet without external storage capability. They might be fashionable in L.A. and Manhattan, but in downtown Glasgow cellular networks won’t support a cloud-based-storage reliant device without the device having it’s crash protection tested.

    • Most people here use low cost Android tablets as home devices on wifi. As e-reader, email, and browsing device. Not so much for transporting & loading with media & work. Windows tablets seem to cater to that market.


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