Nokia smartphone comeback may be in the cards by 2016

With so many smartphone brands competing for our attention now, it’s easy to forget that once upon a time, there was this dominant force that ruled above all. Yes, Nokia may be a brittle shell of its former self, but that doesn’t mean that it’s down and out for the count. Rumors are starting to float around the industry once again that the Finnish firm is actually laying the groundwork for a big comeback, mobile phone wise, by 2016.

HERE map updates Android app for the whole world

As more people discover that there are other maps out in the digital world other than Google Maps, HERE continues to improve its services by adding more countries, cities, and places to its mapping service. Today, they’ve announced a worldwide update to their Android app, even as mother company Nokia has also confirmed that they are selling the service to the automotive “Consortium” made up of some of the leading car companies in the world.

German trio Audi, BMW, and Daimler set to buy Nokia HERE

With news of Nokia going back to the phone business, we can't help but wonder what will happen to Nokia HERE. The company is open to expand the HERE business even if it's already doing good. The technology is already being eyed by several car makers like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. It has done well with the HERE maps. The mapping app only became available for Android last year but it has already proven to be a success even if it only went from beta to full version last February.

Android Community Weekly Digest: July 19, 2015

It's not even September yet and our week was already filled with smartphone goodies, both of the real kind and the theoretical ones as well. From ZTE's surprise high-end Axon, to HTC's fleet of Desire budget smartphones, to Samsung's almost high-end Galaxy A8 in China, we have lots of new smartphones to fill our minds. And let us not forget the whispers of smartphones yet to come. This is your latest edition of Android Community's Weekly Digest, covering the period from July 13 to 19, 2015.

Nokia might be back in smartphones after Q4 2016

There are a number of things to consider when talking about Nokia and the smartphone industry. Arguably, they were the ones that started it all, and the name still commands a certain respect in markets and in the industry. But practically, they are out of the mobile handset game, selling that part of their business to Microsoft. The rumors that they will come out with another smartphone just will not seem to die down though, so Nokia has seen it fit to clear up the issue.

HERE opens up Android Public Beta to testers

In their quest to become the best map and location app in the market, HERE has been adding features left and right in order to give users what they want, what they need, and even what they didn't think they needed. But even though their current app is pretty neat already, they want to accelerate the improvement process by releasing a public beta program so those interested in testing out new features can do so and give feedback immediately.

HERE app now includes reversible lanes across all platforms

Navigation apps are becoming more competitive by adding features and other goodies that will one-up their competition. One of the more aggressive apps to do so is Nokia's HERE, and this week, what they are adding are the reversible express lanes that some cities employ to help curb the rush-hour traffics in highways and expressways. They are actually the first app to do so, and they're doing it in real time of course, providing even more helpful information for drivers and passengers as well.

Foxconn to make first Nokia-licensed Android smartphone

So much to say about the Nokia mobile division purchase of the Microsoft and now we have an idea--almost certain--that Nokia will be coming back to the mobile business. This is after a series of denials and "finalizations" that Nokia won't rejoin the phone industry in 2016 and has no more plans to make or sell consumer handsets. Well, the chief executive of the former phone giant seems to have a change of heart the past months, saying that Nokia might look for partner and other manufacturers.
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